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Cleaning Matte Car Paint and Vinyl Wraps

by einszett USA July 24, 2014

einszett Waterless Wash on Vinyl Decals and Matte Car Paint

If you have matte car paint, vinyl wrap, or vinyl decals on your car, you know it can be tricky to clean. Waxes and some quick detailers can leave a slick, oily finish that can ruin the look.  And you definitely don't want to use polish which will ruin the coating.

Use Waterless Wash which cleans and protects in one step and doesn't contain any abrasives or silicone oil for an oil-free, residue-free finish - just a matte sheen that enhances the appearance of the finish. 

Just spray and wipe down with a microfiber towel for a perfect finish!

Just spray...

Waterless Wash Spray vinyl wrap, matte black paint

...and wipe down.

Waterless Wash wipe vinyl wrap, matte black paint

einszett USA
einszett USA


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