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The Perfect Gift

by November 27, 2011

The Essentials Set from einszett

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the car lover, check out our popular Essentials Set from einszett. Available exclusively at Amazon.

This care care set has everything needed to make any car, truck, or bike look like it just came off the car show floor. 

Here's what you get:

Perls Shampoo: This is our advanced, pH neutral car wash that is unlike any other found at your local automotive parts store. It washes without harming the paint finish, conditions, removes tough grime and rinses clean without any spotting or residue. But more importantly, it utilizes polymer technology to leave a protective coating that will protect against road grime, pollen, dust, sap, bird droppings and more. This protective coating is dust-resistant and leaves an exceptional gloss.

Paint Polish: Cleans, reduces swirl marks, light scratches and haze from the paint finish to restore the factory look without a lot of elbow grease. Unlike other polishes that are high in water content, Paint Polish is a joy to work with because it doesn't dry up and leave a coating of dust on your paint. Leaves a high gloss finish and restores depth in the paint finish. Prevents paint finishes from becoming brittle which can lead to clear coat failure. Polish twice a year for the best results. Each can will complete approximately five cars.

Glanz Wax: After polishing the paint finish, apply a coat of Glanz Wax for the most durable paint protection possible. Protects between four to six months for daily drivers. The formula is a combination of advanced synthetic waxes and natural carnauba waxes. This combination allows for the ultimate protection while giving the natural finish of a carnauba wax. Easy to apply and buff off, Glanz Wax does not cake up or require a lot of effort. A full car can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes. Glanz Wax makes light metallic colors like silver 'pop' and gives darker finishes the ultimate deep look. Each can will complete approximately seven cars.

Wheel Cleaner: Removes heavy brake dust and restores gloss without the use of harsh acids or lye common in most wheel cleaners. Just spray on, wait a few minutes and with a soft wheel brush or towel, agitate area and wash off. Wheel Cleaner's gentle yet effective formula easily removes brake dust, road grime and pitting without dulling the finish.  

Cockpit Premium: One of our most popular products, Cockpit Premium cleans and treats all interior plastic trim such as the dashboard, audio and navigations screens, instrument cluster, shift knob, steering wheel and pedals with a shine-free, slip-free finish. Cleans and protects against the fading effects of UV rays while leaving an anti-static finish that keeps your surfaces clean for weeks. Just spray and wipe for a factory finish and none of that greasy look!

Vinyl-Rubber Care and Protectant: Cleans, conditions and protects all exterior plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim. Leaves a natural, low gloss finish that resists water, washing and dust. With strong UV protectants that prevent exterior surfaces from fading. Plastic already faded? No problem. Vinyl-Rubber will restore color with its deep penetrating formula without the use of dyes. It's oil-free and petroleum-free so it won't sling or splatter.

Microfiber Towel and Wash Mitt: High quality 70/30 microfiber accessories are included so you can wash your car and buff the paint finish without scratches. A must-have for every detailing enthusiast. Can be washed hundreds of times.

einszett Car Care Bag: Free with every Essentials Set is our versatile Car Care Bag. A cooler bag with a removable liner for easy cleaning and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The exterior has the einszett logo embroidered for a professional look.

This entire set has a retail value of $126.00 but can be purchased for only $99.95. Buy now!


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