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Using Cockpit Premium at the Home and Office

by Michael Mankarious February 05, 2015

Using nextzett Cockpit Premium to clean computer LCD screen monitor

Cockpit Premium cleans and cares for all plastic and resin surfaces in your car such as the dashboard, audio and navigation screens, arm rests, steering wheel, shift knob and pedals. It repels dust and doesn't leave a gloss finish so you have a clean surface for weeks.

But Cockpit Premium is not just for your car. Use around the house on household electronics like keyboards and LCD screens (not for use on plasma screens since they have a special coating that Cockpit may remove over several uses).

You can also use Cockpit to wipe down furniture that has a resin coating such as desks and chairs (such as the ones seen in the picture above).

Cockpit Premium is extremely versatile and a little goes a long way. It's safe to use on all painted surfaces and metal trim.

Whether it's your car or office, keeping it clean and dust free is easy with Cockpit Premium.

Michael Mankarious
Michael Mankarious


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