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How Heat is Damaging Your Detailing Products

March 06, 2017

Just before the winter we remind you to keep your products from being exposed to freezing temperatures. Now that we're deep into the summer season, we need to talk about how hot temperatures can damage your car care products. The ideal storage temperature for car care products is room temperature (60-80° F). At room temperature the product [...]

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Ruined? What to Do About Frozen Products

January 14, 2015

Brrrr! Did you purchase einszett products online and your package arrived with everything inside frozen? First things first: relax. The products are not ruined.Here's what you need to do:1. For liquid products (except for Anti-Frost and Eistau which are formulated not to freeze): Let them thaw out at room temperature. Once they're back to room [...]

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