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Winter Products from einszett

December 10, 2014

Unique Winter Product Line for the Car EnthusiastAustin, TX. – With wintry weather right around the corner, einszett has everything a professional or at-home enthusiast needs to make winter driving and maintenance safer and stress-free.The einszett product line, found on, www.1z-usa.com, includes a vast number of products including pre-washes, shampoos, polishes, waxes, leather care, wheel [...]

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Cleaning Floor Mats

November 13, 2014

Snow, mud, road salt... they can make a mess of your floor mats. Carpet Floor MatsIf you have carpet floor mats, you can clean them with Blitz All Purpose Cleaner. Since it's a concentrate, you'll have to dilute it. For cleaning upholstery, mix a solution of 1 part Blitz with 30 parts water. For example, 1 [...]

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Protecting Your Car's Paint Finish from Ash

October 15, 2014

It's fire season in some parts of the country. Even if you are many miles away from a fire, ash can travel quite a distance. Ash can be highly alkaline so if you find your car covered with ash, don't let it sit too long or it can harm your car's paint finish. Wash [...]

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Ethanol vs. Methanol In Winter Washer Fluids and De-Icers

Ethanol vs. Methanol In Winter Washer Fluids and De-Icers

October 02, 2014

Unlike many of our competitors, at nextzett we never use methanol (wood alcohol) in any of our products that require an alcohol base. This is especially true with our winter care products Anti-Frost Concentrate winter washer fluid and De-Icer spray in which the majority of the product is alcohol-based. Why are we against methanol? It's simple. Methanol can [...]

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Avoid Washing Your Car With Dishwashing Detergent

September 24, 2014

Leave the dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent for food cleaning and clothes washing (respectively) and away from your car. They’re formulated to effectively remove grease and stains from dishes and clothes and they’ll look at polish and wax the same way – as something to eliminate. With no wax coating to protect the paint finish, and the grease fighting power [...]

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Condition and Protect Outdoor Sports Equipment, Patio Furniture and More with Vinyl-Rubber Care and Protectant

September 10, 2014

Photo by D. FulmerHas your outdoor patio furniture, outdoor sports equipment, grill cover, plastic rain barrel, vinyl tarp, etc taken a beating from the summer sun? If so, revive them with Vinyl-Rubber Care and Protectant. While Vinyl-Rubber is used to treat, condition, and protect tires, unpainted plastic trim (side mirrors, bumpers, mud guards, cladding), and tonneau and convertible covers, did you [...]

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W99 Industry Cleaner For Shop Floors, Construction Vehicles and More

August 20, 2014

Photo by B. SutherlandIf you’re looking for a way to clean shop floors, tools, construction equipment and vehicles without a caustic, acid based cleaner, try W99 Industry Cleaner. It can cut through the toughest grime and debris build up without using acids and [...]

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Avoid Soapy Water When Claying Your Car

July 31, 2014

When using detailing clay to clay your car, it’s important to keep the paint finish slick or else you risk scratching your car's paint finish. When applying, detailing clay should glide freely over the paint surface since it becomes more abrasive as it pulls out contaminants such as rail dust, brake dust, road grime and sap. [...]

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Cleaning Matte Car Paint and Vinyl Wraps

July 24, 2014

If you have matte car paint, vinyl wrap, or vinyl decals on your car, you know it can be tricky to clean. Waxes and some quick detailers can leave a slick, oily finish that can ruin the look.  And you definitely don't want to use polish which will ruin the coating.Use Waterless Wash which cleans [...]

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Saving Fuel and Money with Kristall Klar Windshield Washer Fluid

July 17, 2014

Did you know that 1 gallon of off the shelf washer fluid weights about 9 pounds? Less than .5% of the formula consists of the actual cleaners and the rest is water.  It doesn't make a lot of economic or environmental sense to pay for water and to burn fuel to transport water.That's why einszett took out [...]

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Cleaning the Film Inside Your Car's Windshield

July 10, 2014

You see it whenever you drive in the direction of the sun; usually in the morning or the evening. It's a cloudy film on the inside of your car windshield. You might have wondered where  this film comes from. Over time, the plastics in your car release chemicals into the air. It's called “off-gassing” and it’s [...]

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New Brilliant Gloss Car Wash Shampoo

July 02, 2014

Looking for that ultimate car wash shampoo that combines excellent cleaning power, a high gloss brilliant shine, produces fantastic suds when used with a foam gun, and exceptional bang for your buck? We have just what you're looking for with the new Brilliant Gloss Car Wash Shampoo. Formulated with professionals in mind, Brilliant Gloss has just [...]

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