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Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra + Fallout Remover - 33.8 oz



  • Targets and removes iron contaminants
  • pH neutral for safe cleaning of all wheel finishes
  • Removes stubborn road grime and pitting
  • Removes iron contaminants on all paint finishes on wheels and vehicle body paint
  • Color indicator lets you know cleaning in process

Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra + Fallout Remover is a pH neutral cleaner that targets iron contaminants in the paint surface and road grime for superior cleaning. Since the formula is pH neutral, it's safe to use on practically all wheel finishes (although we recommend cleaning powdercoated wheels with just carwash shampoo and water). Just spray, allow cleaner to work for several minutes and rinse.

Weight: 2.6 lb

Vendor: Kenotek

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