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Pre-Clean + Wash

Industry Cleaner W99 - 33.8 oz (1 liter)



  • Removes difficult oil stains, dried-on wax, resin and sugar stains
  • Use on carpet, concrete, glass, stainless steel, glass and painted surfaces
  • Removes carbonized residue; excellent for cleaning exhaust pipes
  • NTA (acid)-free, biodegradable, neutral in wastewater

Highly effective, highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner for removing difficult oil stains, plant and animal encrustation, old dried-on wax and epoxy coatings, proteins, cosmoline, egg white, sugar stains and carbonized residues. Ideal for surfaces such as carpet (as shampoo or stain remover) ceramic tiles, chromium, glass, stainless steel, plastics, paints and cotton tarpaulins*. Formulated for use in auto workshops, industrial plants, swimming pools, shower units, factory areas or construction vehicles and operational equipment for the food industry.

*Not for use on Plexi-glass, acrylic and natural fibers, and anodized aluminum.

Vehicle and engine cleaning

Remove paint sealants 1:4

Brush-washing plants 1:20

Steam-jet appliances 1:50

Engine cleaning 1:3 to 1:10

Car carpets:
as shampoo 1:30
as stain-remover 1:5

Machines (man-made fibers only)

Chrome 1:10

Insect-remover 1:5

High pressure cleaning of hard surfaces 1:300

Cleaning machines 1:10 to 1:30

Plastic surfaces (no Plexiglas, no acrylic glass) 1:10 to 1:30

Concrete surfaces 1:2 to 1:10

Asphalt (oil stains) 1:5 to 1:20

Ceramic surfaces 1:10 to 1:30

Marble surfaces 1:10 to 1:30

Painted and enameled surfaces 1:10 to 1:30

Carpets (man-made fibers only) 1:30

Fume-extractor hoods, ovens, cookers, Stainless-steel exhaust pipes 1:1

Weight: 2.4 lb

Vendor: nextzett

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