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einszett History Cologne GermanyTo know nextzett, we have to go back to the beginning with the company einszett. einszett was founded in 1936 in the city of Köln (Cologne) , Germany by Werner Sauer Sr. who believed it was possible to create a better polish than what was currently available on the market.

Mr. Sauer stood apart from his competitors based on a simple philosophy: produce a premium quality formula without compromises and offer excellent service. Mr. Sauer named his successful formula einszett (translated as "1Z") based on the number-letter designation assigned to car license plates registered in Köln at the time.
It wasn't too long when the product range had expanded into a complete line of car care products for end-users, professional detailers, paint and body shops, and factory use. 



In 2001, MIMAN Corp became the exclusive importer of einszett products in North America and sold as einszett North America. At the time, it was natural to want to change the names of the products from German to English but  einszett North America kept the German names on the products. einszett became one of the first major brands to cross over from Europe and establish itself in the premium car care product range in North America. After a few years, the einszett name became more widely known with such products as Cockpit Premium, Gummi Pflege and Plastic Deep Cleaner. The einszett brand had gone from being known solely in Western Europe to branching out to nearly every continent in a few short years.


In the beginning of 2015, a fire destroyed the einszett factory. Thankfully no one was injured and fortunately einszett was able to quickly resume production at its backup production facilities.

nextzett logonextzett is Born
While production was back up to speed, it wasn't without setbacks. Just shy of 80 years, the Sauer family made the difficult decision to close the doors of einszett due to unforeseen challenges. But as they say, when one door closes, another one opens. Key members from einszett, including lead chemists, decided that the legacy of einszett had to continue based on the desires of customers worldwide to continue seeing their favorite einszett products offered. Soon thereafter, a new company was born: nextzett or "next - z".



Since the formation of nextzett, the nextzett team has proven they could continue producing the same great einszett products like Cockpit Premium and create new ones like Perfect Shine and Glass Sealant. New and exciting products are on the horizon and we look forward to bringing them to our customers promising to exceed their expectations and enhance their car care experience.

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