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Anti Frost Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate 33.8 oz (1 liter)




  • De-ices frost and ice; Prevents rapid re-icing
  • Glare-free, smear-free
  • Does not cause stress corrosion cracking in nozzles or plastic headlight lenses
  • Doesn't contain ammonia or toxic methanol
  • Safe on paint, metal, plastic headlights and rubber
  • Will not flocculate or clog washer fluid lines
  • Compatible with nextzett Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate

    Anti Frost is a winter formulated windshield washer fluid concentrate with anti-freeze properties that excels in cleaning performance with a glare-free finish. Anti Frost eliminates road grime and other elements that can impair driving. Due to the composition, there is no flocculation or clogging of the washer tank, feed lines or nozzles. Special additives form an invisible anti-freeze barrier on your glass protecting the surface against rapid re-freezing at low temperatures and high humidity.

    Anti Frost has a pleasant citrus scent that comes through the air ducts. Guaranteed not to harm paint, glass or rubber and is suitable for plastic headlight lenses. The environmentally friendly formula is made from pure natural alcohol and is 100% biodegradable and phosphate-free. Does not contain toxic methanol or ammonia found in common brands.

    Anti Frost can be used year-round and is compatible with our warm weather concentrated windshield washer fluid, Kristall Klar Windshield Washer Fluid.

     33.8 fl oz (1000 ml)


    Mixing Instructions

    Please use the following mixing ratios based on the level of freeze protection you need. Consider any existing summer windshield washer fluid currently in your washer fluid tank if you do not intend to drain it first when determining your mixing ratio. While compatible with all brands of washer fluids, we recommend you drain your washer fluid tank first for the most accurate Anti-Frost washer fluid mix.

    Most washer fluid tanks are 1 - 1.5 gallons (3.8-5.7 liters) in size. Please contact your dealership for exact capacity.

    Anti Frost + Water = Temperature Protection

    clipart-black-and-white-bottle-af.jpg (Pure)
    -76o F
    clipart-black-and-white-bottle-af.jpg + clipart-black-and-white-bottle-water-small.jpg (1:1)
    -6o F
    clipart-black-and-white-bottle-af.jpg + clipart-black-and-white-bottle-water-small.jpgclipart-black-and-white-bottle-water-small.jpg (1:2)
    14o F
    clipart-black-and-white-bottle-af.jpg + clipart-black-and-white-bottle-water-small.jpgclipart-black-and-white-bottle-water-small.jpgclipart-black-and-white-bottle-water-small.jpg (1:3) 20o F


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    Weight: 2.2 lb

    Vendor: nextzett

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    Quinton J.
    United States

    The Only Biodegradable Commercial Option!

    This stuff works and is the only biodegradable winter mix available commercially. It is worth the extra price instead of poisoning the planet and everybody living on it.

    William B.
    United States

    Both bottles cracked upon receipt

    Product itself is fine. Both bottles had cracked on the bottom edge, where molding seams were located. The bottles were wrapped tightly so it was not an issue as far as shipping went, but I unwittingly unwrapped both bottles before I was ready to use them, and they were leaking. I have to store them upside-down until I'm ready to use.

    Iakovos T.
    United States

    Great product

    Great product, does not leave streaks and smels great. Used it durring the winter and performed very well. More expensive than the cheap alternative but definitely worth the extra cost. Will buy again for next winter to replenish my stock in the garage.

    Peter S.

    Very effective product! Will continue

    Very effective product! Will continue to purchase!!

    John R.

    Cleans well for my Porsche.

    Cleans well for my Porsche. I mixed roughly 50:50 with existing factory antifreeze. Driving at 70mph with below 0F temperature still caused icy streaks, no issue with sprayer nozzles. First shipping package had leaked, but Nextzett shipped another set for free with extras wrapping and protection. 5 stars for service alone.

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