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Cockpit Premium - 16.9 oz


  • Removes dust and light dirt from all clear and colored plastic trim with a shine-free, anti-static finish
  • Contains sun-blocking agents for long-term care and protection
  • Use on surfaces such as armrests, dashboard, steering wheel, instrument cluster, audio and navigation screens
  • Cleans coated (finished) leather
  • Leaves a fresh citrus scent, silicone-free

Cleans and cares for all interior clear and colored plastic surfaces such as the dash, gauge cluster, navigation and audio screens, shift knob, arm rests, steering wheel, leatherette (imitation leather) and finished (coated) leather (condition with Leather Care after treatment). Leaves a shine-free, non-slip finish that repels dust. The mild cleaners remove dust and dirt but won't harm soft touch materials or painted plastic trim surfaces. Contains sun-blocking agents to maintain the original condition. It leaves a light, fresh citrus scent. Water-based and silicone-free. For cleaning very dirty surfaces, use Plastic Deep Cleaner.


Shake well before use. Apply evenly onto dry, clean surface that is out of direct sunlight and cool to the touch. Allow to penetrate surface then wipe off excess with a microfiber cloth. For very dry surfaces, repeat the process to ensure even coverage. After use, turn spray seal to close. Apply as needed. Use only as directed. Please recycle empty container when possible. Store at room temperature.

16.9 oz (500 ml)

Product Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Ingredients

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Hisham B

Love using these products!

I really liked reading about this company and the back story. I first learned about it when someone recommended the interior cleaner. I actually found out that they also make the kenotek quick detailer which I love. I liked it the cockpit premium so much I bought the 10L jug. I decided to buy the 5L wheel cleaner, the 5L blitz APC, lots of brushes, the gummi stick, a few shirts, and some other stuff. Highly recommend them !

Hisham B verified customer review of Cockpit Premium - 16.9  oz (2 Pack)
Larry A.

This cleaner cleans surfaces unlike

This cleaner cleans surfaces unlike most cleaners. For instance, use thus cleaner for a monthly, or first detail.

Jason F

Absolutely love cockpit premium!

Absolutely love cockpit premium!

Jason F verified customer review of Cockpit Premium - 16.9  oz (2 Pack)
Zachary F

A new looking interior for a 9 year old vehicle

I've been using Cockpit Premium for a little over a decade. It is absolutely amazing stuff. It cleans leather, dash, and trim leaving a matte finish on everything. It smells clean and fresh as well. I use it every 3-5 weeks and it has helped to keep my interior looking new, even after 9 years. Truly one of those car products that you must have at all times! And I hear it's environmentally friendly as well!

Zachary F verified customer review of Cockpit Premium - 16.9  oz (2 Pack)
Anwar S.

I have 2 kids so

I have 2 kids so you can imagine how much mess they can cause in a car: spilled milk, food and dirt from shose on most of the back seats. I used Cockpit to clean my leather seats and the whole interior and the result was amazing (very clean and it smells great). Love this product!

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